Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hope You're Liking the Blog

   So yeah! I hope people like this stuff. I won't go on and on about cats, even though I love them loads. No, I will try and stay true to the name of this blog. Alex Eagle's Blog on Life. That's just it. It's my view, and thoughts, of/about life. So I'll make an effort to diversify the subject matter of this blog. I love that word. Diversify. Haha.

   So, (lol I use that a lot,) just listening to some music on my phone. Brilliant tech. I mean, my phone isn't anything fancy, but it's got a nice pair of speakers. Me and my brother have inherited a lot of musical talent (don't know where from though, the only other musical person in our family is my granddad. And all he plays is the accordion. [Well he IS Scottish]).

   Gotta go now. Mum's forcing me to go outside and enjoy the sunny weather.

Still not outside now and it's 15:18.