Friday, 13 February 2015

Yet Another Blog About Cats! :-)

Hahahahahahahaha XD. I promise, this blog will not entirely be about cats! (XD XD XD :-P lol. I'm sure I'l break my promise, "Many, many times...". Heads up anyone who knows what that's from! :-D

   Dibble's poorly again. :-/ He's had acute cystitis and a bit of a sore bladder in general, causing him to pee small amounts of blood. The vet fitted a catheter yesterday and took it out before we brought him home at 6pm. He's much more himself, back in character. I'm hoping that the intensive urinary treatment food he's on will clear everything up before Tuesday. That's when I have to take him back to the vet's. Here's to Dibbs! :-D Hehe. Meanwhile, the poor thing has had his fur shaved in several places. He's got the softest coat I've yet stroked, and I've stroked a lot of cats. :-P It's a terrible shame that he's lost it, but hey! Hopefully it'll grow back soon-ish.

   Righty-o! How abouts we is talkin' 'bout summit else, eh? Oh, yeah... That's something I aught to mention... I'd like an Xbox 360. I don't mind if it's an Arcade, as long as it comes with an HDD. I'm lookin' at 'bout £100 ($130 approx.). I know that's pushing it a bit, but I'm not bothered about spending loads on it. If I can get one for that price I'll be well chuffed. If I can't find one, after looking and waiting for a substantial amount of time, I'll put more dosh into it. I'd also like one controller (at the least - preferably two) and a couple of games if possible. The games would just be a bonus. If I'm offered the minimum I'm looking for (Xbox 360 Arcade, one controller, HDD), I'll take it.

   More on the subject of tech, I've got a paper round! And yeah, you guessed right, the round itself is nothing to do with tech. But it will fund me in my search for a laptop. It's incredibly handy, because I'll have earned near enough the exact amount needed for a decent laptop, just as Windows 10 is released. (I think... There's now hints about W10 coming around June-time, instead of later in the year, September-November I thought...)


For those interested in paper rounds, I work for Ian (last name unknown, he's very mysterious) who runs the Filey Road Newsagent's in Grimsby. I get £9 a week for 6 days. You can start at what time you like but must finish before 8am by UK law. I get out of bed at 6am. £9 a week translates into £36 a month and £468 per annum. Having a paper round is hard for the first couple of weeks but by week 3 I got used to it. It teaches you to discipline yourself and sets you up well for having a proper job and having to take responsibility for your actions. It may not sound fun, but it makes you feel good and gives you experience. You also have to concentrate, so as not to put the wrong papers in the wrong doors. So you're brain will no longer have the attention span of a gnat. :-D hahahaha. :-P I'd certainly recommend it, and indeed, am doing just that right now - to YOU.


   Has anyone seen Commissario Montalbano? Brilliant series. They air it on BBC4 at 9 or 10pm on Saturdays. I say 9, or 10, because I'm really not sure which it is. It's been so long since I've seen it I've forgotten. FYI it's not being aired ATM, and I don't know when it'll be back. There's no episodes on BBC iPlayer ATM either, but there is one on YouTube. It's in full and there's no dodgy links to click on. XD There aren't any subtitles available though, so unless you speak Italian... :-/ :-D hahahaha

   Anyway. Got to go now. I've blogged for long enough. :-) I'm going to get video gaming! Have a good night everybody, and don't be too idiotic! XD :-P lol. Just kidding. Be as idiotic as you want. (Within reason XD )

Night! :-)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

OK, here's my Winter Flapjack recipe.

Take a bowl and half fill with cranberries, and a handful of raisins, some sugared stem ginger and the peel of two oranges. Allow to marinade for 30mins in a tablespoon of red wine. A little orange juice is optional. That should weigh about 340 grams in total.
Put 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of sugar and 75 grams of golden syrup into a pan and stir over a low heat. After the butter's melted and everything's mixed in, add 225 grams of rolled oats and mix those in.
Add a little more ginger to the fruit and then add the mix, stir that in until it's evenly distributed through out the flapjack mix.
Whack it all in a tray (that you've already buttered/oiled and lined with grease-proof paper) and flatten with a spatula. The tray will only be half filled (the tray measures 30cm*38cm) because the original amounts are not enough to fill a tray this size. I doubled the amounts yesterday and it fitted into the tray perfectly. That is all presuming you like your flapjack Nic and thick like I do mine.
Then cook in your oven (no fan) at 180* for 20 mins. Cool for 5 mins outside the oven and cut into squares a size of your choice. Allow the squares to cool completely before removing them from the tray. Keep at room temperature or warm the flapjack up before serving if you keep it in the fridge.
P.S: You could be naughty and add some dark rum or gin instead of wine! Be careful not to have too many liquids though because nobody likes soggy flapjack. 😊
P.P.S: Or you could be imaginative and cut the flapjack into some crazy shapes! 😆😋

All the best if you try this! 😊