Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Holiday

   Boring, childish title I know. If you've read my "About Alex" page you'll know that I'm a Jehovah's Witness. Last week we had our annual convention. Usually the conventions are spread across different dates around the country. Because people who live in London would struggle to come to a convention in Edinburgh, we have several conventions around the UK. (They do happen all over the world, but as the UK is the only one relevant to me at the moment, I'll stick to talking about this.) But this year, all the conventions were synced to the same dates, the 22, 23 and 24. At the convention we found out why. The London convention was hosting a member of The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses! A very special and highly respected member of our religion. The conventions were synced so that all the conventions could conference call London. This would allow the member of The Governing Body to make very important announcements about major advancements in our organization, and to release new publications. So that was very exiting.

 Anyone is welcome if they would like to come. You can find convention dates and many more things about us on Check regularly for updates.

   So, about my holiday. As we (my family) go to Sheffield - because of where we live - we stay at my Aunt's house, as she lives in Sheffield. Makes sense doesn't it? All rise, for The Lord of Detour! Simon Eagle!!!! (Dad). Never go on a trip with my Father. Remember the expression, to go round the houses? This is LITERALLY what Dad does when you go out. I guarantee that if you go anywhere with him, you'll get lost, and spend hours trying to get back on course. I have spent half of my childhood somewhere in a field, that we're not there by intention, probably trespassing, and moaning that I haven't eaten in the last hour.

 This week we went to find somewhere to do archery. Our first choice had been booked out for two days, and our second choice turned out to be a country club. We then went to get some strings for my one of a kind quarter-size(?) electric guitar. So that was fun. I over tightened the 6th string?! I've no idea how I broke the THICKEST string on it. So I've got to either find another string, one of which my Uncle says that he has, or get it replaced at the shop. I'll probably do that today. Also, I'll have to go back to the first archery place and ask the staff. Yesterday we went on another adventure, again looking for archery pay&play and cycling and stuff. I managed to lose yet another of my possessions (long story), this time, sunglasses. Probably doing the same today.