Sunday, 10 August 2014

Driving Hilarity

I heard from dad (a driving instructor) the other day that a woman had turned up for her driving test in guess what? a ONESIE?! This absolutely cracked me up when heard, but once again 'scuse the cliche, what is this world coming to? Many a time I've seen women (and guys) in supermarkets wearing onesies. OK it's reasonable if you're going to a fancy dress as a tiger, or a giraffe or something, and choose a onesie as your costume style (instead of  say, a cat suit), and yeah in that instance, happen to walk down the street in it because you don't have a car and no one will give you a lift. But wearing it as a piece of clothing, well that just insane. Plus, who wants to wear out the feet on their new onesie on paving stones?

   Anyway. I was wondering the other day (I do that a lot BTW), what would it be like to die? I mean, no one still alive knows what it's like to die. If they did I wouldn't be asking this question. So imagine what it would be like if people could record what it's like in the last moments of their life. What does it feel like to drown? What does it feel like to fall through a crack in the ground during an earthquake? What is it like to be shot? To hang? To be burned?

   Sadly, no one has ever (to my knowledge) been able to record these things. And the only device I could come up with was one of those brain activity monitors. Although I'm fairly sure they only detect emotion, not thoughts. Also, for the earthquake scenario, I thought a mobile phone on a wire attached to the surface might be more practical. As a brain activity monitor can't be recovered from the earth's crust so easily. The phone recovery wire (not yet patented) could even be some kind of coiled/tension device, like a bungee.

  Any thoughts?