Monday, 11 August 2014

Weird Game Glitch?! MUST-SEE

   So, I was playing on my favourite PlayStation (1) game this morning. It ties exactly with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, but that's another story. This game that I absolutely love, this colossus of my childhood, the great, the wonderful story of the past few years is!: DRIVER2. Yes, this is my favourite. And anyone older than 20 will probably remember this thing coming out. The insane handling, the ridiculous cops, the slick villains, the madness of Take A Ride. Most people have experienced this at some point.

  My PlayStation (an original) was second hand to my cousin and he gave it to my brother, and he moved to Derby, so... I GOT IT!!!! YAY! Haha. Anyway. It's a bit worse for wear in the graphics department (even for a PS1) and this and a couple of other games slow down randomly, although it doesn't show in the video. Can anygeek tell me why that is? When you video a game, the playback is always about twice as fast?!

And BTW, the glitch is the fact that I'm on the grass under the highway, not on the highway, which shouldn't happen. Also, the cops somehow make a roadblock under a bridge. And they also have no access to the grass.

   Here's the vid: