Wednesday, 6 August 2014

First Post! - "I was just thinking the other day..."

   So, I was thinking the other day, "CATS! I have two, amazing little balls of cute fluffyness that most of the population of the world call: CATS. These fascinating little, weird, silly, stupid, random, cute, fluffy, things are what make my world go round. (Also my brother.)" This combination of stuff is what makes me the most happy person ever. Every time I look at my cats, I am completely ecstatic. A couple of days ago, my favourite cat of the two, jumped up into the air for no particular reason! WHAT THE HECK?! I know right! 

   This is why I love my cats so much. Their completely inexplicable zest for life ('scuse the cliche) is what makes them so funny and delightful. My other cat just sits under the leylandii we have in our garden. Apparently lots of cat owners think that their cat(s) don't go anywhere, when in fact they actually go everywhere. Yet, I actually do believe that she never goes more than 10ft away. Also, owners think that their cat(s) only catch "so many" birds, because thats only the number of birds that they see. But have a look at this Oatmeal post